Content Warnings and Accessibility

In case anyone is not familiar with content warnings, they are designed to give a heads up to the reader that certain things are in a work, so they can choose if they wish to read it or not.

On this site all content warnings are in spoiler tags, so you can just skip them if you’re not interested, but they are there for those who need them.

Not every story has content warnings, but where they do, you will find them both on the Here Be Stories page, next to the piece they relate to, and at the top of each individual story post.

They look like this:

Content Warning
The content warning list goes here

Easy to skip if you’re not interested, easy to spot if you are.

If you think there is a warning missing off something on this site, please let me know via any of the methods on the Get In Touch page so this can be addressed.

Likewise, my aim is to make this site as accessible as possible so if there are any issues or something I could do to create a better reading experience, please do let me know so this can be looked into.

Happy reading!