Farewell 2020

Well. It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

It’s New Year’s Eve where I am, and I’m seeing out 2020 in my own way.

To try and capture all the things that have happened this year in a single blog post would be impossible.

However! If you are reading this, it means you’re still here, and if ever there was a year where just surviving is not only enough, it’s a triumph, it’s this year.

It’s been really tough at times, for everyone, and I think we all deserve a hug (or whatever your personal preference is if you are not a hugger).

And yes I know calendars are arbitrary inventions blah blah blah but I feel like the ritual of drawing a line in the sand under a year and saying right, whatever happens next, that’s done, is worthwhile this year.

A saying of mine is as long as we’re still breathing, we can change things.

We will deal with whatever 2021 throws at us when it comes.

My mother and I have a ritual where on every birthday and new year we say “still alive” and do a fistbump. We’ve decided this new year is a double fistbump.

Consider yourself double fistbumped, friends.

Meanwhile, I have posted another short story. It’s called “Happy New Year” and it’s a dark horror story with a new year theme that feels quite appropriate to me.

Fair warning, this one is really dark, so just a quick reminder that you can view the content warnings on both the “Here Be Stories” page and at the top of the story post before reading it.

I am looking forward to sharing more of my writing here, and I promise there is some lighter stuff in there. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction, etc.

I have more to say but I don’t want to jinx us all, so I’m going to update this post once the clock has actually ticked over into 2021. 🙂


By my reckoning, every timezone in the world has now made it into 2021! Welcome to the future, friends! May this year bring you all the good things that you deserve. Give yourself a double fistbump from me.

Day one is nearly done here and if I could describe it in one word it would be peaceful. Hurrah! I think that’s exactly what’s needed at the moment.

I promised some lighter stuff, so here’s my Dawn poem that I wrote whilst watching the sun come up with the birds this morning.

I managed to record some of the birdsong so there’s a short video of that beneath the video (FYI in case you’re on mobile data, the video is 14MB. Couldn’t get it any smaller, sorry).