My sister, The siren

My sister, The siren
I see a disturbance on the sea
There is something out there
but it is not a foul thing
It is a siren.
It raises its head
so briefly
and I see
warm dark eyes
smiling at  
calling to
And I know how the legends started.
Who would not want to go and play?
I do
So I do.
They call to me
The song fills my ears
I only remember air
when I dive too deep
lost in the daydream
and break
for the surface
and there!
There she is
Not a horror
Nor a mermaid
A beautiful thing
A friend
A fellow wild one
who saw
the same
thing in me
I did in her
we hover
on the surface
eye contact unbroken
I tread water
A single tear
Why did I have to come
all the way out here
to find this?
Why is there no companion
for me
in my own realm
She holds my gaze
She knows
My kind
were once
brothers and sisters of hers
and she knows
that our ancestors
made a decision
to abandon the water
but that does not mean
that she abandons me
or the bonds
of family
passed down through
collective memory
her eyes do not accuse
they celebrate!
They say
one of our sisters  
has returned
to the water
Even for a while
Welcome home.
And I hear her.
She tells me her name
her story
I will not remember later
how I spoke her language
only that I did
that we dived
to the depths
as far as my bursting lungs would go
then I was carried to the surface
to take in essential air
then we dived ago
we played
we talked
we sang
and I felt
and when the boat came
I could not feel sad.
we hung there
as the engine grew louder
and the shouts
One last look
in those big eyes
One last verse
of that sacred song
and I understood
I needed to.
She blinked, and sank
back beneath the waves
I cried, then turned back towards land. 

© Copyright 2021, Grace Penney