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Journal of Imaginary Research

The Journal of Imaginary Research, Volume 7, is out now and I am in this! 🙂

You can read it, along with the previous volumes, for free at the link below:

Journal of Imaginary Research Volume Seven (2022)

This fantastic publication is a faux research journal, full of fictional abstracts from imaginary research projects. The theme for the seventh volume was “Departures” and we writers all tackled this in a different way. The results are hilarious, and I actually laughed out loud several times reading it. Just what we need when times are tough: a little bit of laughter to let a bit of light in for a while.

I cannot overstate how much fun this was to write. I think I might write 100 more of them.

It’s probably really obvious which one of the abstracts is mine, and in the spirit of that fictional research project, the trees planted for this post are mangroves.