Welcome to my website!

Enter freely and of your own will, etc.

Who are you?

My name is Grace (she/her), and I am a Kiwi-Aussie hybrid sort who loves storytelling and exploring.

I am very open to what forms these things take. Sometimes a story is best expressed as a book. Other times it’s a poem, or even a dance. Sometimes I explore places, sometimes it’s an idea.

A short list of some of the things that I love includes:

Travelling, trains, sharks, rocks, bears, mountains, birds, trees, bats, caves, eels, boats, dinosaurs, space, science fiction, monster movies, moths, history (particularly military and maritime history), books, ballet, cats, choreography, camping, horses, art, music, learning, languages, dogs, tattoos, waffles, plants, design, making things (especially metalwork and woodwork), and writing.

Most of my writing tends towards the speculative side of things, primarily SFF and horror, but I will write anything that takes my fancy, including middle grade and even poetry.

Gothic girl with black hair, green eyes and black dress in circular floral frame

I am also (in no particular order):

  • Not very good at staying in one place
  • Patron saint of all the unloved things
  • “Little Red Riding Hood if she said, ‘Do you have that in black?’ and ran off with the Wolf”
  • Companion of the Plot Bunny of Doom
  • Definitely not 12 sharks in a trench coat

The world is a big and sometimes challenging place – life is too short not to laugh at yourself.

What is this place?

It’s a home away from home on the internet for myself and whoever wants to come sit by my campfire for a while. A place to stop and take a breath amidst all the swirl, to have a cuppa and a chat, and that’s owned by me and not some faceless corporation.

There will be a blog, and I’m going to share some of my writing too. I’m not sure what it’s going to look like beyond that. I’m just trying to make the most of my time here on this Earth and to share some of that. The site will evolve how it evolves and that’s fine by me.

Plot bunnies and plot holes? Really?

Yes, really. One cannot be “serious adult is serious” all the time.

Cool. Where do I find…?

My writing? On the Here Be Stories page.

How to contact me? On the Get in Touch page.

Image credits? Here you go.

The site comments and/or privacy policies? They’re here.

The Plot Bunnies Forest? Over at Tree Nation.

My ko-fi link? I’d rather you gave your money to someone who needs it more than me. No, really. But if you insist, you can Buy Me a Coffee (thank you!).