Here Be Stories

This page is where I share some of my writing – mostly short stories, flash fiction and poetry – and the list will grow over time. Links to each work are below, and all of these are free to read.

I usually write under the name Grace Penney and most of my writing tends towards the speculative, primarily SFF and horror, but I’ll write anything that takes my fancy, so you might find some other bits and bobs here too.

I’ve tried to include appropriate content warnings, but if you feel there is something missing, please let me know so I can make changes. All content warnings are in spoiler tags, so you can skip them if you wish to.

Likewise, I want this site to be as accessible as possible, so if there are any issues or something I could do to create a better reading experience, please do let me know. You can contact me via any of the methods on the Get In Touch page.

Come sit by my campfire and let me tell you a story! 🙂

Short Stories

One of my favourite storytelling forms.

Flash Fiction

Stories of 1000 words or less, including Flash Horror Friday.

  • Rest in Peace
    Content Warning
    violence, death, hanging, attack in home, children threatened, mother defending children
  • The Hammer Falls
    Content Warning
    implied torture, public execution, suicide


Yes, I am going to post some of my poems. Read at your peril.